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The Best Knowledge to Have When Renting with Pets

It is worth noting that any rental property that allows pets can at times be very challenging, thus it requires patience and perseverance from the tenant. For the landlords who have an issue having pets in their apartments arranging an introduction with the landlord to meet the pet can be a very positive way to convince them. It is essential to have a discussion with future landlords and establish whether they are okay with having pets on their property, whereas in the instance an individual assumes the landlord will allow pets, he/she can be saddled with unnecessary pet fees and cleaning fees. Luckily for individuals looking for rental houses, there are features that they can explore to increase their chances of getting an apartment that allows pets.

Explore properties whose project managers only manage a handful of features, thereby smaller companies are better for pet owners and would allow them to have pets, whereas the major companies do not allow pets in their properties. At times it is not the manager’s policy but the landlords who decline to have the pets in the compound. In the instance that one lands a landlord who is willing to accommodate pets in his/her compound but has hefty rules, presentation of a resume might be persuasive to lower the conditions, whereas the landlord finds it convincing when they gather references from the previous rental or management companies and ensure the pet owner conducted to standards. Even better, if the individual presents any training certificates of the animals and vet letter, then this significantly boosts the landlords confidence.

When renting with a pet, it is essential for the tenant and pet owner to read every detail of the lease, especially because there are hidden clauses regarding pets, and in the event, a tenant fails to note the section he/she may find giving away the pet. Additionally, it is critical to ensure the lease being given by the manager or landlord is legally binding. It is worth noting that there are some landlords who specify eviction rules in the event the pets “destroy” or “misbehave”, thereby, it is paramount for the tenant to understand these regulations before signing their pets. Often apartments that allow dogs on their property have requirements such that the tenants have to conduct cleaning services, thereby making it paramount for the tenant to inquire if any additional cleaning charges are needed as part of the rent. Also, every passionate pet owner who is looking for a rental house should note that some properties are very keen on the kind of animals they accept on their property.

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